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La Cabane aux 3 Sapins

On Thursday 09 March, Lili Wood and Elodie Levacher sign book "La Cabane aux 3 Sapins" from 17:30

"La Cabane aux 3 Sapins" is a beautiful story about the adventure of a group of friends in pursuit of a monster that would inhabit this mysterious cabin. There are many ways to approach this story that can be read at any age, and that gives a nice lesson on living together and tolerance!

"Baba, the oldest of the group, has heard that a ferocious monster lives in the tree house. He has never seen it. Neither have the others. None of them has ever set foot in the three-fir tree house. Today, they are decided to go there. All together we are stronger, right? Stronger than fear anyway. When they arrived at the tree house, the children did not see a monster, but they had the impression that they could hear it approaching. Or is it the sound of the wind in the branches? Slowly, the fear will invade them and transform them into strange creatures, terrors. But Constance will manage to keep her eyes open.

This album, the first book by Elodie Levacher and Lili Wood, tells with great strength and poetry how fear can transform us."