Ganaëlle Maury was born in 1982. She lives and works in Montpellier. 

Since finishing her studies at a Fine Art School, she has been pursuing her artistic work, more specifically in the field of drawing. She has been developing personal and group projects within the framework of the art studio En traits libres.

Her work is built on analyzing how the drawing is constructed and fleshing out its intricate details.

« When I begin a drawing, I never know beforehand what shape it will take. I use this method in order to provoke suprises and accidents. »

In this way, her drawings slowly and intuitively take shape and unfold. What brings her drawings together is their ability to seize and solidify a fleeting emotion or sensation. They border on abstraction, devoid of content, yet still maintain the subjective elements of emotion and imagination. 

In adddition to this graphic work, she uses materials from everyday life such as paper in order to build fleeting spaces that entice the viewer to intervene.

« Remedying, displacing, inheriting, arranging shapes and putting them under enough tension so as to distort reality. »


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