Anne-Laure Maison (House in english) was born in 1979 in Lyon, lives in Paris.
After graduating for a space designer degree at Fine Arts in Toulouse, she worked in an architecture agency (R&Sie, François Roche, 2002).
Then decided to devote herself exclusively to her art practice after doing an artistic residency at the « Pavillon » in the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris (2004-2005).
Fascinated by how people live in this world and by her own last name, all her work speaks about architecture, the relationship between people and buildings, the way it appropriates...
Her last series of collages "Femme-Maison", questions the image of the contemporary woman, strong, free and independent, capable to carry her own architecture... her house. Proud of what they are claiming and their emancipation, these allegories are displayed on the walls of cities Anne-Laure goes through.


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