Tomato Ketchup 4

Tomato Ketchup 4

25,00 €

Tomato Ketchup 4


Size 42,5 x 42,5 cm

4 colours screen print

Numbered and hand signed by the artist

Limited Edition of 33

Fait partie des 7 illustrations de la série "Tomato Ketchup"

Cette oeuvre est accompagnée d'un certificat d'authenticité   Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity ● Colissimo shipping ● Reinforced packaging ● Customer service open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7:30pm on +33 1 43 55 44 68

Keywords Fantastic , Surrealism


Maïc Batmane is graphic designer by day, silk-screen printer, poster-drawer and super-hero by night. Parrallel to a classic-standard education in High Art Schools from 2002 to 2008, she meets fanzines, queer culture, DIY state of mind, and sign a pact with a copymachine. Chimera-collages, not good adults and savages kids fill her colorful world of joy and rage. read more

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