You are not alone

You are not alone

200,00 €

You are not alone


Size 21x29,7 cm

Black ink and gouache

Unique piece

Price without frame

Slow de Michael Jackson illustré dans le cadre de l'exposition collective "Cheek To Cheek" à l'occasion des 2 ans de la Slow galerie.

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After a High Level Technician degree in textile printing at Ecole d'Arts Appliqués Olivier de Serres, Isabelle Manoukian continue her pictorial approach at the same time at Ateliers Beaux-arts de Montparnasse et de Glacière. In 2002 she had her post-graduated degree in visual art et Paris VIII. In 2004 she discovered the Persian miniature, and studied it for five years with Abbas Moayeri. This approach of colors allying the precision of the... read more

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