La jungle

La jungle

90,00 €

La jungle


Size 50 x 65 cm

Pigment ink print on paper Epson Hot press Natural 300 gr

Numbered and hand signed by the artist

Limited Edition of 30 exempaires

Price without frame

Cette oeuvre est accompagnée d'un certificat d'authenticité   Certificate of authenticity ● We don't ship frames ● Reinforced packaging ● Customer service : +33 1 43 55 44 68 (Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm)


A pen full of humor and music. In the 90s, Le Tone was one of the French music revelation with his famous tube ‘Jolie Dragon’. His taste for illustration and graphic design dates back to his teenage years. Filling his travel book, he never stopped drawing. His illustrations for his music video “Lake of Udaipur”, his blog where he draws his press trips for Intersection and his daily adventures, his redrawn photographs, gave a new visibility to his... read more

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