The tigress

The tigress

70,00 €

The tigress


Size 46 x 64 cm

3 colours screenprint on 240 gsm natural white paper

Numbered and hand signed by the artist

Limited Edition of 100

Shipped at the end of confinement - price without frame

"The top writing in Devanagari script, ayatalocana, means “the wide-eyed one” whereas sumadhyama means “the fair-waisted one”. Both epithets are used to express female beauty in Classical Sanskrit literature but in Agnese’s interpretation it is all more about a confident and powerful state of mind."


Keywords Animal , Tiger


Agnese Taurina aka AGNESSAGA is an illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker . She completed her Graphic communication bachelors degree at Central Saint Martins in 2016. Currently she works between Riga and London on editorial, book design and fashion projects but her favourite mode of expression is art prints. Her images and print designs are mystical and bold. She takes audience to a sensual and magical world. Screen - printing is a signature... read more

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