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Sketch books of

Camille de Cussac

Discover Camille de Cussac's sketchbooks

There's a little ritual we're particularly fond of at the gallery: when the artists share with us the contents of their precious sketchbooks, usually filled with sketches, ideas caught on a street corner, a café terrace or on a journey, and which may well give rise to future works. Would you like to take a look with us?
Camille de Cussac opens the ball.
In her sketchbooks, we come across, in a beautiful and cheerful disorder: dogs, lots of dogs
(you can never have enough of them, can you?), cyclists, dancing women, fine porcelain vases, unlikely sunglasses, tourists looking as good as ever, banquets and giant fish. Let's dive into his world!

Movie created by Laurence Guilloud & Fabrice Le Dantec, from Snack Edito.