OPEN from Monday to Tuesday, 11h - 19h ✨✨✨

A common thread that weaves together sensitivity, sincerity and spontaneity

"Although the Slow Galerie presents many artists from different backgrounds and genres, it follows a guideline that links them together: a choice of sincere and spontaneous artists. Young talents or confirmed artists, in pairs or solo, the artists chosen by the gallery each have their own vision of the world with a singular sensitivity. They all use a variety of creative processes that deliver meaningful images in which there is always a detail to (re)discover. Entering the Slow Galerie means leaving behind the daily rush to take the time to wander, contemplate and search among the various drawings for those with which you will best relate. Like Delphine Le Lay, "We think it is necessary to make people experience slowness (...), to confront calm things (...). Spending a quiet moment in front of any work is good for serenity and open-mindedness". So, whether you are an art lover or just curious, everyone is invited to come and discover the different worlds. There is something for everyone, and yet there is an instant coherence between the works whose shimmering colours create a light and positive atmosphere. They 'brighten up the walls', which was one of the missions of Renoir's paintings. At the Slow Galerie, art is meant to be meaningful, joyful, gentle and accessible." Mahault Vermeulen