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En hiver je pense à la mer (La Filature)

Exhibition of 28 embroderies

Originally from Perpignan, Sandrine Torredemer knows the sea, the Mediterranean, very well, and she loves it especially in summer, when the holidaymakers arrive to plant their colored parasols on the beaches of this vermilion coast that goes from Argelès to the Spanish border. She loves above all this overheated, joyful and relaxed, light and carefree atmosphere: the great vacations!
The exhibition presents a series of about twenty works, nostalgic fragments of the past summer, or rather promises of this sunny season that in winter we already expect.
No definition fits Sandrine's work, "impressionist illustration composed of fabric assembly enhanced with embroidery" ? too long and above all incomplete. What Sandrine creates is unique, completely free and singular.
Of raw and modest appearance, each scene, like a symphony, is cut into plans which have their own score and their own melody, and which add to each other with a perfect harmony. From her small pieces of fabric meticulously gleaned, cut and assembled, a piece of organza for the sea, a piece of hospital charlotte for the foam, emerge scenes where life settles: of an exquisite fragile beauty, her tiny characters embroidered very simply but very precisely, bustle about, calling out to each other, coming and going with a bubbling vitality that always amazes. Even more than landscapes, Sandrine loves people, what she creates are snapshots of life, the atmosphere of crowded beaches in summer, a surfer with his mustard yellow board emerging from the waves, couples in love walking away on the beach almost melancholic...
She not only gleans materials for her works, but also sentences, caught on the fly in cafes, transportation, work meetings, which she transcribes or diverts with a delicious sense of humor and parody. If her characters don't speak, Sandrine's embroidered sentences, with their mantra-like quality, more than make up for it, like a gouaille that we would gladly lend them.

A few lines of bio :
To create in such a personal and singular way, you have to be the result of a long process of personal and singular maturation. This is the case of Sandrine Torredemer, alias La filature. Embroidery is in the family's DNA, her great-grandmother already embroidered and Sandrine has been embroidering for almost as long as she can remember, at first in bits and pieces during stolen moments: for almost 30 years her job as a town planner engineer took up most of her time, embroidery was the breathing space she allowed herself in the evening, the thread that brought her back to her essence and comforted her during difficult moments. A few years ago, Sandrine became La Filature, she finally deploys the full scope of her talent. Freed from all academicism, she experiments, seeks, invents, and creates her own signature. From her initial training, she has kept the respect of the rigor of the compositions: in her embroidered scenes, the perspectives are exact, the scales are respected, the shadows too. This is undoubtedly what gives them so much truth. Added to this, of course, is Sandrine's fantasy, poetry, humor, elegance, and incredible creativity. In short, La Filature is an alchemy of life and this is what makes it unique.