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exhibition : En nous, by Cécile Basecq

Etchings and aquatint

Thursday October 06, Cécile Basecq installs at the SLOW Gallery a wonderful series of etchings, made with etching and aquatint. Welcome to the VERNISSAGE from 18:30. The exhibition "EN NOUS" is on the walls until November 15.
These engravings are the illustrations of the book " EN NOUS ", a collection of poems written by the author Lisa Kerivel : " It is a project around what happens in us, which questions our flaws, our wanderings, our annoyances but especially, our strengths and our light. It is a project that questions our relationship with nature, our human inscription on Earth, and declines the natural phenomena as many interior events. L.Kerivel.
There are 23 texts in the form of haikus and which are the titles of the 23 engravings, "IN US melts an ice floe of white nights", "IN US crack the days on the tip of our feet", "IN US stagnate all our worn hours" ....
We go through the exhibition guided by a little girl with yellow boots who leaves a trace of color on each drawing. With a perfect symbiosis between the poetry of these short sentences and Cecile's engravings that illustrate the quintessence of these words.
Etching is a very old printing technique, dating back to the Middle Ages, it consists in preparing a copper plate by successive acid baths, this plate is then used as a matrix, it is inked and passed under press to deposit the drawing on cotton paper.
One understands the passion and patience required to choose this virtuoso and very delicate technique. Cécile Basecq studied Applied Arts in Quimper, Rennes, Roubaix and then Paris. She is part of this generation of young artists who breathe new codes into engraving, distilling her fantasy, her poetry, her touches of color. Her world is populated with fluffy creatures, luxuriant landscapes, imaginary and fantastic situations, like this drawing of a little girl who falls asleep protected by a tribe of donkeys, deer, raccoons and elephants ... In her engravings, she reconciles humans with the animal world and nature with so much sincerity, sensitivity and delicacy, that we can only be moved by such a commitment illustrated with such talent.

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