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"Fragments", a solo show by Helene Glowinski

28 etchings exhibition

This exhibition is like a fragmented portrait of nature: Hélène Glowinski contemplates it, chooses details, a leaf, a rock, a drop of water ... On each image, she puts a particular look, as if she was observing them sometimes from far away, sometimes very closely, with the magnifying lenses of a microscope or a pair of binoculars.

Extracting herself from the whole to represent only a part of it, only a fragment.

Of course, we feel the artist's appetite for geology, seismic faults, the imprints left by fossils, the rocks that fold or sediment in impeccably linear and colored strata, but Hélène's abstract and sensitive representation, the antipodes of a naturalist approach, allows us, the viewer, to transcend each image, to project ourselves into it, to appropriate it, to reinvent it: one imagines a cave in which one would like to take refuge, incandescent flames which dance, a living water where pebbles roll.... Each engraving is above all an emotional and poetic adventure, and the whole connects us to a deep impression of calm and serenity. The wooden plates which are the matrices of this exhibition, are chosen with care, on the drawings appear the work of engraving but also the thread of the wood, like a trace left by nature to help us to gather everything.

A few lines of bio :

Architect for several years, Hélène Glowinski now devotes herself entirely to woodcutting. She instinctively gravitates towards abstraction, which offers her total freedom and infinite possibilities for experimentation. Her drawings are first inspired by a deep need of appeasement and well-being, the living and warm material of wood is the one she has chosen to be closer to her feelings. In addition to the engraved motif, the thread of the wood also appears, each drawing carries a double reading, like an extra soul, a second voice. Hélène's work, in its simplicity and singularity, is pure poetry.

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