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La Liesse, group exhibition of the artists of the LASLOW agency

JEUDI 20/04, this is the opening of the collective exhibition "La liesse", from 18h30, welcome !

We feel like joy, happiness, euphoria and sharing!
This collective exhibition brings together the artists of the LA SLOW agency, around jubilation, everyone has already felt this very strong feeling and the sensation of communion with the crowd, during demonstrations, concerts, football matches... It is irresistible, intoxicating and it stays with us for a long time.
19 drawings will be presented until 20 June, 19 different expressions of jubilation.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 20/04 and may the jubilation be with us!
Thank you Camille de Cussac for the visual of the poster.

This exhibition will be dedicated to Clémence Thienpont, who was one of the first artists to join the gallery and the agency, we loved her a lot, she left us last March.

The participating artists are : Alexandre Clérisse, Amandine Meyer, Beya Rebaï, Blandine Lamy, Bullitt, Camille de Cussac, Clémence Trossevin, Emilie Sarnel, Groduk&Boucar, Jean Mallard, Kristelle Rodeia, Lili Wood,Louise Laborie, Marie Guillard, Orane Sigal, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Sabrina Chess, Seula Yi and Virginie Morgand.

Thank you to all of them!