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"Les Petites", Lola Penicaud's solo show

"Les Petites", Lola Penicaud's solo show, 11 drawings

In her "Les Petites" series of drawings, Lola Pénicaud talks about work, drudgery and the working gesture, but also about all those invisible, mute women of the working class, "small" socially but immense in their courage and dedication. They depict them in generous, lush natures, together, happy and united in their work, perhaps a dream vision of a fairer society. Inspired by the films of Miyazaki, Lola draws the poetic reverse side of a cause close to her heart, that of the revaluation of these workers who have toil every day.

Quick bio: a 2016 graduate of the Emile Cohl school, Lola is now an illustrator for the press and animated films. Her often moving, always poetic drawings are inhabited by characters with a red complexion that makes them universal, telling stories whose narrative is often inspired by her interest in the human and social sciences, and her taste for dreams and the imaginary. In 2022, Lola opened a non-profit organization in the Jura region of France, offering art classes and a silkscreen workshop.