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"LOOK INSIDE! This is the message of Cachetejack for this new exhibition, which they define as a long walk forward. Thus, the two Spanish artists invite each of us to dive into ourselves in order to explore what makes us up. From a personal exploration, an essential reflection on individual development emerges. Who are we? And what is society's involvement in shaping our beings? This inner exploration is anchored in a process of questioning the societal foundations on which we build a personality. It would be a question of emancipating oneself from outdated norms and beliefs in order to cook, at one's own pace, the person that one wants to be, from ingredients that one has found within oneself. Carefully shaping one's contours is a constant race that requires a daily deployment of effort, attention and creativity, to realize a self that embodies love, gratitude, independence and communication. By escaping from a cage of prejudices, fears, beliefs, judgments, and binaries, each person can give themselves access to a sincere and spontaneous way of being.

Thus, the deployment of self-love opens the field to a benevolent and tolerant approach towards others. Conversely, a listening ear brings comfort and self-confidence. In a way, these drawings suggest that we free ourselves from others in order to better find them. If the Cachetejacks seem to advocate independence in personal choices and emotional self-sufficiency, the individual approach is well anchored in a collective spirit. Thus, each illustration constitutes an element of a philosophy of life which starts from the discovery of emotions to tend towards a full awareness of oneself in the world. In the continuity of their feminist exhibition, the young duo still manifests a serious political commitment that denotes with the humorous, colorful, energetic and offbeat universe that illustrates it. It is with lightness, irony and frankness that forms and colors speak to us."

Presentation of Mahault Vermeulen

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