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New exhibition by GRODUK&BOUCAR

"HURRICANE 89" by Groduk&Boucar

All the artworks are here !

"In September 1988, a series of storms ravages the Dolphin Bay area, Florida. Dwight, a tornado chaser, was fascinated by the phenomenon and documented each of these disasters.

In 1963, Dwight moved to Florida and discovered in his basement a series of photographs of a storm named Frida. The discovery of these documents upset him. Threatening tornadoes, gigantic waves, submerged buildings,...
From then on, he will devote his life to the observation of these fascinating and deadly phenomena. The images of the 1988 series will be his last.

There is at Groduk&Boucar, a collective composed of Océane Carbou and Margaux Hauduc, a fascination that goes back to childhood for storm chasers, these enthusiasts who get up at dawn to contemplate storms, as magnificent as devastating. Sensitive to ecological issues and climate disruption, they make it - in their own way - the theme of their latest exhibitions.
"HURRICANE 89 (Hurricane i.e. Tornado in English), is located before, during and after the tornado, but in pop and acidulous colors that would almost make us wait for a surfer to pass. Nature loses its grip but remains beautiful, and we witness both fascinated and resigned to the spectacle of a super-powerful nature that frees itself from its agony for a brief moment of madness.
This exhibition brings together 18 views, waves, broken branches, flooded houses, lines of cars trying to escape, overturned martini glass ... 18 silkscreens, prints and paintings, the collective has deployed all its expertise for this exhibition singular, sensitive, unusual, jubilant, but also beautiful and powerful, free portrait of tornadoes.
Graduates of the DMA Engraving of the Estienne School, GRODUK & BOUCAR, is a duo of illustrators and screen printers. They share their activity between a personal production of prints with mysterious themes that give rise to shimmering exhibitions - Nightdrive, Murder In The Pool, Minigolf, Magic Shop, Nighthunt - and illustrations for various clients - Apple, Snapchat, Galerie Lafayette, Society, Libération, Pain Surprises, Agar Agar. They love leprechauns, dogs, wizards, gothic typography, cheeses, the power of the elements, shelves, earthworms with little hats, and setting suns.

Their world is the pictorial telling of places, fiction, investigations and imaginary dramas. The color palette is pop and used in flat or gradient, inspired by the most beautiful sunsets and the tastiest cocktails. Some illustrations are deserted, marked by the absence of human presence, leaving the viewer to imagine his own scenario. Others are more abundant and funny characters, animals, aliens, plants are mixed in joyful settings.

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