OPEN from Monday to Tuesday, 11h - 19h ✨✨✨


New solo Show by Lili Wood !

For her 3rd exhibition at SLOW Galerie, Lili Wood presents an exceptional series of over 60 gouaches!

This is Lili Wood's 3rd exhibition at SLOW Galerie, and each time she brings a special intention to it. "RESPIRE" is an ode to freedom, in all its forms: enter her paintings, savor the sky, the wind, the earth.... and disconnect from the contingencies of our world. For this exhibition, which brings together more than 60 gouache paintings, the artist has painted 4 new large formats, 46x61 cm, which draw us into the beauty of these vast spaces, these vertiginous perspectives, tranquil moments, or tempestuous ones, we forget what surrounds us and breathe..

Since moving to Brittany, where she has lived for several years now, Lili Wood has tirelessly and passionately painted the sky, the sea, the moor ... the Nature that surrounds her and with which she has a deep, intuitive connection.
As the seasons change and she goes for her daily walks, her palette of colors changes, always unreal, to reinvent what she observes. Blue cliffs, coral sand, ochre grass... Colors are the primary emotion of the artist, who transforms them into landscapes, making them dialogue with each other, in small touches, those of the sky are projected onto the ground and diffuse in the light, creating the illusion of a sublime unity.

In the artist's latest works, details fade away and compositions are purified to the extreme. Planes are superimposed, sky and sea merge and fuse, bordering on abstraction, with vertiginous perspectives where everything seems to levitate. Tiny figures inhabit these vast expanses, often solitary, barely distinguishable, no doubt lost in contemplation or dream.
Each drawing is an invitation to dream and wander, with no beginning and no end... With infinite poetry and great freedom, she transposes sensations and emotions into vast landscapes that she has drawn to feel good. The little characters that Lili Wood always places last, are there to help the viewer project themselves, to inhabit them in turn. She paints with Japanese gouache, which she is constantly experimenting with, and these remarkable effects of perspective and depth, combined with a highly distinctive color palette, have become her signature.