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New solo Show by Marie Guillard

Marie Guillard exhibits “EAUX TROUBLES” from May 02 to June 15, a series of 30 drawings telling a story that everyone is free to invent.

Marie's “Eaux Troubles” exhibition is sublime in its elegance, suspense and sensuality!

As always, the narrative is very present in her creations, but this latest exhibition is special in that it can be read as well as seen: Marie has conceived it as a tale with a detective story atmosphere, featuring three characters, a letter and a dark, unreflected lake... The singularity of the scenario is that it is not set in stone, the story is like a fragmented dream, the scenes follow one another without chronology or temporality, making the reading of this exhibition completely free.

For Marie, “there was a need to propose elements to tell a story, but these elements are interchangeable, like a puzzle where all the pieces have the same shape”.

From drawing to drawing, the story unfolds, the scenes seeming like freeze-frames from an imaginary film, alternating between close-ups and general views, the cinematographic framing, the strong, poetic narrative, the sober color palette, all adding to the impression of mystery that emerges...

This is the artist's 3rd exhibition at SLOW Galerie, following “Le dernier été” in April 2018 and “Temps suspendus” in September 2021.

All the print of the exhibition are here.