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Alice Des is a French illustrator originally from Pas-de-Calais, now living in Paris. A graduate of the master's degree in communication from SciencesPo Paris, she worked for four years as an illustrator's agent before launching herself as an independent artist.

Passionate about graphic novels and photography, Alice places her characters as subjects in narrative compositions. She likes to take on new challenges and translate her style into new techniques: painting, engraving, animation, ceramics... Her universe populated by strong women, textures, and marked contrasts, has led her to work for feminist projects that are very close to her heart. She is notably the illustrator of Clit Revolution, a web series available on FranceTV Slash.

On the occasion of her first Solo exhibition, "Marée haute, marée basse" at the SLOW Galerie, Alice participates in the 6th episode of the podcast "La bonne Aventure".

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