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"Made of paper and ink, sometimes fabric and branches, strange creatures look between sea and forest, plant traces roaming paper, strange flying animals try to the impossible in a oneiric and poetical world."


Native from the countryside in Bretagne, my prints are reflected the environement where I grew up.

My imaginary has developed on the paths around my village and the coastal paths.

After applied arts studies in Quimper, Rennes, Roubaix (ESAAT) and Paris (ANAT-ENSCI) specialized in textile, i created fabrics for furniture, fashion and automotive industrie during 9 years.

Then, i discovered etched in Charlotte Reine shop so i create my own handwriting.

After 4 years of exhibitions in Paris and eleswhere, i continue to draw my dreams and my émotions.

My shop is located in Le Pré Saint-Gervais.i principaly make aquatint etchings because there is a lot of nuances with this technique but i also like embossed my print or glued material.

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