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Daniel Lambert is an author/director essentially for the television. In 2014, he decided to create « Le Petit Bonhomme » (Small Chap) thanks to India ink and watercolor, therefore the time of a hospitalization became faster.

Modern cousin of Monsieur Hulot, Jacques Tati’s hero, this charming character evolves under the graciousness of the moon in the curvature and whiteness defenders. Every drawing is a brief adventure of Le Petit Bonhomme and his fellow. Even though the pair evolves most of the time in a black and white universe, some of their improbable meetings are taking place in a frame skinned in warm colors (ochre, Sanguine, Sienna …) 

This is it, a nonsense and situation comedy, which are guided by Daniel Lambert.

Former Parisian, he lives and works nowadays in Rennes. He writes alongside stories for children. Slow Galerie has been the first place where his drawings have been exposed in 2015. Since, he’s been invited to a number of other exhibitions.


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