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Born in Japan, Ema lives and works in Paris. She attended a scientific university in Japan and then in France. After obtaining a Master's degree in Biology, specialized in Ecological Systems, at the University of Bordeaux I, Ema chose to direct her life towards the art world.  Her plastic researches follow an anthropological model, with as a guideline the links that human beings can have with each other in their urban or natural environment: how to link, to position oneself, to interact in one's environment.

The engravings presented at the SLOW Galerie are part of his series LEVITATION: "Minerals and stones are the fruits of territorial history, the sediments of the past time, the heirs of our ancestors. One day all these memories were freed from their gravity and their meaning imposed on the earth. They float, sing and laugh softly."

The series was made with the techniques of etching, combining several processes: aquatint, drypoint, soft and hard varnish, chine-glued and typography.

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