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  • Alcyoneum



Size 12 x 17cm


Hand signed by the artist

Open edition

Reinforced packaging. Shipping by Colissimo, Pick-up & Go location or click & collect at the gallery (Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm).
Shipping costs do not include possible customs fees for non-EU countries.



Printing technique

Etching, (etching, carborundum, linocut, woodcut, etc...) is a generic term for techniques that use incision or digging on a plate whose material depends on the technique (metal, wood, linoleum, etc...) to produce an image. This plate, which could be called a "matrix", is then inked and pressed to create several copies of the engraved image.

Framing and mat


All works can be framed on site at the gallery. With or without a master key, in raw or black oak frames for some.

The artist FANY PERRET

"In engraving, I work with the etching technique. I use a very fine copper, in order to be able to cut my pieces with shears, before plunging them in successive acid baths. I also work for these engravings with jeweler's tools to "bend" the metal to my will. I drill, emboss, and acid etch for long hours to create very important reliefs and obtain a very…

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