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Originally from Lyon, flore Kunst lives and works in La Rochelle in France. Graduated from the Emile Cohl art school in 1999, she has worked in various image-related fields: vector illustration, textile drawing, photography, design and linocut. Such diverse experience has enabled her to hone her critical sense and acquire a singular graphic approach.
In 2010 she took up the technique of collage after being spellbound by the works of John Baldessari while visiting an exhibition dedicated to the artist.
She has been cultivating a great passion for images for many years, hunting for old magazines, postcards and other papers. Such finds become the core material for her artistic output. She thus selects and cuts out photographs, illustrations or old pictures to create her collages.
The creative process, as with the surrealists, starts with the incongruous encounters of various images, clashing universes, which, when pitted against each other, recount a new story.
Flore Kunst’s pop art collages seem to spring out of randomness. Women’s bodies, dreamlike landscapes, architectural structures, mechanical or graphic components are vividly blended to express – through the use of poetry and derision – the complexity of feelings, life in its absurd beauty, the critique of a society aiming only for power and, ultimately, utopia as the only alternative.

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