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Born in 1971 in Rimini, Giacomo Nanni studied cartooning for three years at the Urbino Book School before publishing his first comic strip in 1996 in the magazine Mano, "Six drawings for a trip to Grande Garabagne" after Henri Michaux.

Between 2004 and 2009, he was part of the group of artists / founders of the magazine Canicola, which quickly became a publishing house representing the new wave of "Italian comics".

In 2005, he won the prize for the best short story at the Lucca Comics Festival for "The Most Beautiful Thing", which will become a chapter of his first book, "The Boy Who Sought Fear", published in Italy by Coconino Press, then in France by Cornelius.

In 2006, he won the Nuove strade prize at the Comicon of Naples. The books follow one another, including the trilogy Chroniquettes, the first volume of which was published in France (again by Cornelius).

In 2011, he collaborates with the news website Il Post, making comics and animations inspired by Italian news stories and also animated shorts, some of which in collaboration with Gian Alfonso Pacinotti Gipi.

Between 2013 and 2014 he realized "Casanova, histoire de ma fuite" and "Vince Taylor n'existe pas" (text by Maxime Schmitt), two graphic novels published by Olivius. In 2015 he published "The true story of Laura Canepa" at Cornelius. In Italy he published "Prima di Adamo" with Canicola Edizioni on the occasion of his personal exhibition "A Tratti" organized at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna for the ninth edition of the international comic festival Bilbolbul.

Giacomo Nanni also participates in numerous publications such as for the magazine Papier gâché or Les choses with Bastien Contraire. He has worked as an illustrator with publications such as Air France Magazine, XXI - vingtetun, Officiel Italia, Alternatives Internationales, Libération.

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