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Fragment 2 II/VI (40x60)

Fragment 2 II/VI (40x60) HELENE GLOWINSKI


Size 40 x 60 cm
Woodcut engraving on BFK rives paper 160 gr
Exclusive artwork handsigned by the artist

Reinforced packaging. Shipping by Colissimo, Pick-up & Go location or click & collect at the gallery (Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm).
Shipping costs do not include possible customs fees for non-EU countries.


Exclusive piece

Printing technique

The unique works are as numerous in the gallery as the techniques used by the artists who preciously entrust them to us: acrylic, gouache, watercolor, Posca, pencils,paper work, embroidery, ... Select "Unique work" in the "Technique" filter of the eshop to discover them.


Printing technique

Etching, (etching, carborundum, linocut, woodcut, etc...) is a generic term for techniques that use incision or digging on a plate whose material depends on the technique (metal, wood, linoleum, etc...) to produce an image. This plate, which could be called a "matrix", is then inked and pressed to create several copies of the engraved image.

Framing and mat


All works can be framed on site at the gallery. With or without a master key, in raw or black oak frames for some.


Hélène Glowinski's very first print is a motif engraved in a plywood plate. Associated with others, they became games. A game of association or a game of letters, her graphic designs were cut into cards to be played and manipulated. Later, Hélène moved away from the object to the image. By changing the orientation and inking of her matrices, she had fun…

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