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Jean Leblanc is a French illustrator and art director currently living in Berlin. In concluding his studied at Nantes Fine Art School and at Gobelins School in Paris, Jean developed a style that is a mashup between Pop and surrealism, an approach to art that is influenced by artists such Tom Wesselman, René Gruau, Erwin Blumenfeld. The defining aspect of Jean’s work is a beautiful sense of contrast, from abstraction to hyperrealism, minimalism to baroque profusion, evanescence to burlesque.

Jean’s works have been featured in a number of  printed publications such as Computer Art, IDN World, Super Paper, Index Book, Gestalten Verlag, Rockport, Beautiful Decay. His Clients include Rayban, Nokia, Louis Vuitton, Printemps Haussmann, Stylist Magazine, Amusement Magazine,SFR,  Mc Donalds, Open Air StGallen and Temp magazine.

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