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After studying for a year at the Ateliers de Sèvres and for another one at the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serre, Jeanne Picq got an engraving diploma at the Estienne school in 2007. As a result (in parallel with a license in Plastic Arts) she devoted her life to the realization of prints in several Parisian workshops including notably at the association artegraf editions, with which she developed artists books projects presented in various fairs (Page, the book fair, etc.). Jeanne Picq also did, for a time, the coloring process of prints drawn by the Louvre’s chalcography. She then spent four years in Bordeaux where she engraved within the workshop “La Belle Estampe” chaired by Mr Reobert Frélaut (from Lacourière et Frélaut). In 2013, she lands in Nancy and realizes various creators markets. Her work mixes various soft intaglio and linocut techniques (etchings, dry-point, aquatint, etc.) often combined with motif paper sizing.

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