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Maud Gironnay studied traditional and contemporary engraving techniques for 3 years at L'école Estienne (Paris). After obtaining her Diplôme des Métiers d'Art, she became an assistant to the engraver Marie-Christine Bourven, before setting up her own studio in Reims to develop her sensitive approach to this medium.
More than a craft technique, engraving is for her a ritual, prepared step by step. From the creation of the matrix to the final print, it becomes alchemical, going beyond the simple label of a skill. Her black manner explores colour, nature, rare phenomena and the small enchantments of everyday life... An equation of reality and fiction where the fabulous anagram image/magic takes on its full meaning.
Maud is also president of the Hyperespace association, a creative and co-working space that organises visual arts events in Reims.

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