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Born in 1990 in Amiens, Pauline studied at Auguste Renoir (Paris) and ESAD (Reims). She mostly works with ink on paper to depict scenes where lush vegetation tends to take over man-made structures.
Her illustrations are mainly inspired by cinema and photography and are like frozen frames, suspended in time, leaving the viewer guessing. The diluted ink enables beautiful gradients, marbled effects and transparency. The shades of pinks and greens are diffused in her representations of imaginary architectural and vegetal landscapes. Resonance is found in each image as the plants, trees, the architecture, the colours, objects and characters seem to hold a dialogue. Tension can be perceived in some of the images, a tilt into the narrative aspect of a scene which Pauline is particularly fond of. The various architectures and interiors could be set in Italy, sometimes Japan or California, but it's the atmospheres that Pauline attempts to create.

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