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After studying French culture at university in Japan, and following work experience in a Japanese industrial company, Yukiko Noritake decided to follow her heart's path and embark on an artistic training, particularly illustration, which allows her to express her personal universe. Graduating from the École de Condé Paris in 2018, she launched her career as a young illustrator with the publication of her study subject by Actes Sud Junior.
Interested in art and contemporary culture, her illustrations are inspired by her research in this field. Her work, delicate, poetic and elegant, pays particular attention to the finish, which comes not only from her Japanese origins, but also from her sensitivity.
At the start of her career, Yukiko Noritake has already worked several times for Elle Magazine, as well as for the Société du Grand Paris urban project. Three of her books have been published by Actes Sud Junior, both as author and illustrator.

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